Specification Job for a typical SEO Specialist Experts Jogja


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Specification Job for a typical SEO Specialist Experts Jogja – Carrying out an SEO audit of a client’s web website that is worth the same as a SEO integrated

  1. Carrying out an SEO audit of a client’s web website that is worth the same as a SEO integrated application
  2. Practicing SEO tactics to client web sites (HTML / CSS and WordPress)
  3. Edit third-party client web sites
  4. Always up to date about the latest SEO trends
  5. Optimizing content in place
  6. Keyword research

This job could be for you if

  1. You enjoy working together and learning about SEO!
  2. You have strong attention to detail and can efficiently meet client expectations
  3. You are familiar with Google products and services
  4. You have experience with content management systems (WordPress, Joomla, etc.)
  5. You can work independently but contribute to our team’s goals!

Media Marketing is looking for an SEO Specialist to join our team. We face lightning developments and need someone to experience new and existing clients and launch them into results they don’t have time to think about could be! Like an SEO Specialist, you are primarily responsible for fulfilling SEO tasks and strategies for our clients, justifying their online campaigns to continue to grow while implementing ethical and successful SEO and Conversion Level Optimization strategies.


  1. Have an even description of the client’s website and the purpose of online marketing
  2. Make and practice SEO strategies on the premises and outside the office
  3. Technical SEO experience in areas such as crawling / indexing, web maps, robots. txt, etc.
  4. Manage the agenda, budget, and other energy sources that are created for the account.
  5. Provide flawless customer service
  6. Always up-to-date with industry news, changes, etc. So you are always up to date about how you can help your clients succeed


  1. Between 1-3 years of experience in SEO positions
  2. Undergraduate degrees are preferred
  3. Knowledge and description of appropriate CSS / HTML coding methods
  4. Experience with WordPress and other content management systems
  5. Strong organizational skills
  6. Works well in the team area
  7. Familiarity with Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and other industrial equipment such as: SEOmoz, Ahrefs, Majestic SEO, Crawlers, etc.
  8. Able to carry out multitasking between some accounts, brands, and products
  9. A strong sense of ownership, encouragement and urgency
  10. Self-starter is willing to tackle the project with enthusiasm
  11. Experience with MS Word, Excel, and Pages
  12. Can write meaningful web posts


  1. Develop later traffic by maximizing new and existing content
  2. Take the opportunity to increase our search rankings for competitive keywords and long tails
  3. Experience with SEO copywriting, tactics and elements on the page
  4. Concept and implement link building strategies
  5. Maximize the content at this time to increase the CTR on the SERP
  6. Keyword research to justify the content team to create content that responds to the best search issues
  7. Mentors and application evangelization and SEO integrated strategies
  8. SEO leverage and then cross reporting to improve performance
  9. Conduct periodic audits for revisions on our web, and analysis of major competitors
  10. Monitor and suggest increases that are linked to engagement time metrics such as position, bounce rate, and session depth
  11. Suggest teams about trends that arise such as voice and video search


  1. 2 – 3 years working on SEO campaigns for some web sites
  2. A proven track record in concentrating the performance of organic searches and fulfilling KPI objectives
  3. Experience communicating technical SEO issues to internal staff members
  4. Creativity adheres to formulating new strategies for urging performance
  5. A solid description of the aspects and algorithms of search engine ranking
  6. Experience carrying out technical SEO audits and competitive analysis
  7. HTML expertise and JavaScript work knowledge that is linked to SEO
  8. Expertise in using leading SEO equipment in the industry (SEM Rush or SEO Moz, Omniture, Google Search Console, Google Tool Planner or Ubersuggest, Bright Edge)
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