SEO Campaign is a Game of Digital Marketing the Role of SEO


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SEO campaign is a game of Digital Marketing the role of SEO has fully spearheaded the marketing of a business or business. In this context I will discuss major changes in the world of marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). What is that? Rapid changes from desktop devices to tabs then to Mobile and from mobile search to voice and video. I am a Freelancer and of course my favorite job is SEO Specialist and copywriter or content writing. The freelance job of an SEO Specialist has thousands of keywords that are used to target “a goal” so that digital marketing is on target and certainly can make the company more profitable.

If you work as an SEO Specialist or SEO Expert, of course you must include product names or content summaries as well as articles as much as 10% of the total number of articles posted, because they will read from the core of the marketing offered so as not to make readers feel bored. The basic tool for doing an SEO campaign is to make a plan by using Google Planner from Google Ads, this is a very powerful and effective part of the SEO Campaign strategy toolkit. The ranking results will be far better than just using articles that do not have SEO criteria. Especially now that SEO campaigns have become the foundation and volume of keywords to become a method for SEO experts to carry out a marketing campaign based on search volume and Cost Per Click pegged to campaign. Here is an example of keyword research looking for Volume and Cost Per Click to do a campaign.

Seo Campaign Is A Game Of Digital Marketing And The Role Of Seo Research Keyword For Google Ads

Now we know what we have to do in this world, where business or business is transparent like in the system automatically by search engine providers. SEO experts will definitely not get away on search engines if they are not able to carry out SEO campaigns to the fullest. It’s easy to see facts like in the picture above about research keywords and see where thestrategies are best SEO Campaign. The current Google algorithm has changed over the years. I have to be active in making original articles for good SEO and according to the criteria. The language of the SEO Campaign is interesting. Of the many SEO Experts in the world they will describe changes in how SEO works as progress or change. It cannot be denied that the SEO Campaign from a few years ago was not good and complex from now on. The SEO Campaign is a modern effort and must combine various factors that seem to continue to grow.

The fact is that an SEO expert must be able to pay attention to the past to be able to help provide references or lessons for the process of SEO travel in the future. Managing SEO campaigns is the expectation of most SEO Freelance or SEO experts who work freelance. Many of my clients want a consistent and reliable experience from using the website after I have done the company and SEO settings on the website. The best reason is that SEO freelancers are good and not too cheap. I have also explained at length about SEO algorithms and settings because this is part of complex online marketing and is growing very rapidly. This problem is even understood by SEO experts to utilize internet marketing in increasing traffic and the credibility of a service or product.

But lately many SEO experts have conducted very blind SEO campaigns, so many SEO experts only do SEO based on their own volition or what is called black hat. This problem can cause problems for clients, why is that, because the client is lacking in technical experience and understanding of SEO, they only enjoy the results and do not know the process of traveling in doing SEO techniques. Most clients only see it as a service marketing process and want to only enter on page one on the search engine. However, all of that can be the most important part of securing a job as an SEO expert freelance worker. Balance and satisfaction must be achieved to the maximum extent possible to describe how SEO works by convincing my clients, also reminding clients that the guarantee of entering on page one on a search engine is never possible in this field, if only accompanied by a simple SEO process. So this can scare some clients so they want to add costs to improve their SEO campaigns through Google Ads.

As with many in the process of selling and marketing a product or service, the key is to express and adjust the reply from customer engage with clients and business owners. Some cases and problems that you must avoid when running or maintaining a contract job are a freelance SEO expert. Guarantees to appear on page one on the search engine must have a certain period of time in order to get maximum results. Anyone who is an SEO expert and has done more than the Google algorithm desires, the experts Best SEO  must know now the risks in promising a page ranking on a search engine in a certain period of time. SEO experts must have a statement that there are many variables and how SEO works in search engine algorithms, especially Google, Bing, Yahoo and Yandex, and Duckduckgo algorithms to allow them to safely. You do not have to tell the client to expect to reach page one on the search engine as a result of your SEO Campaign service, or expect it to be reasonable within the next one to three months.

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