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Karimunjawa Tour Packages, Plaosan Tour Tours Are Ready to Deliver. We are a travel service agent that provides Karimunjawa tour packages, city tour packages in Jepara, Semarang, Malang, Jogja, or travel packages to other cities. We are a travel agent that is protected by a legal entity, so you no longer need to worry about our existence.


At present, the location of Plaosan Tourism and Travel office is in the city of Jepara. If you want to take a vacation to Karimunjawa Island, it’s right to choose us as your travel partner. Because we are qualified and professional tour guides, with experience of land tours or sea tourism in Karimun Island, Java.


Lots of tour packages from us with various prices. Karimunjawa Homestay Packages, hotel packages with families, cheap backpacker packages, two honeymoon packages, or student and student packages, and luxury private packages are also available.


Karimunjawa Cheap Tour Packages 2019 Complete Facilities Welcome to the Plaosan Tourism Bureau, Karimunjawa 2019 tour packages. Karimunjawa Island is the name of the islands in the north of Java, located about 83km from the city of Jepara, Central Java and has been designated as Karimunjawa National Park since the year 2001. Karimunjawa Island has various types of ecosystems, such as coastal forests, mangrove forests, ornamental fish and coral reefs. The term karimunjawa virgin tropical paradise is indeed very appropriate because Karimunjawa has 27 islands but only 4 are inhabited. Karimunjawa Island will spoil you with a unique natural panorama with extraordinary tropical regions.


Do you want to go on vacation to karimunjawa this weekend? Confused choosing a tour package? Maybe you have often looked around and searched for Java Karimun trips through the internet and dig up information about the best, cheapest, and most trusted travel agency. After you type the search term Karimunjawa Tourism Package, there are already dozens or even hundreds of blog sites and websites that appear on the search page. Now it’s up to you to choose the best and available Karimunjawa tour packages.


Currently, there are many travel agents to Karimunjawa, but determining a professional tour package can be very difficult. Before choosing a Java Karimun tour package, it helps you determine a trusted travel agent or travel agent. Do not let you choose a travel agency that makes you lose, or even worse, has been paid in full, apparently on the day of departure the travel agent is not there, can not be contacted and the money has been taken, can disrupt holiday events right?


To explore the beauty of Java Karimun, it helps you contact us because we will help you with a variety of attractive tour packages. Plaosan Wisata tour package agents provide a variety of cheap Java Karimunjawa tour packages, ranging from backpacker festive packages, homestay package comfort and hotel packages, and memorable honeymoon packages, of course all at cheap and affordable prices.


Well if you are currently looking for a cheap and reliable travel agent Karimun Jawa tour packages, you are right by visiting our web site. Because we here are travel agents in Java Karimun Island that have been professional and tested. The reason is because we have brought a group of more than 50 people, and we have also accompanied and served tourists who cannot return to Jepara Kartini Port or Semarang Port and Kendal Port, due to bad weather and ships cannot sail. You don’t need to worry, because we will continue to uphold the professionalism of work by continuing to serve and provide facilities to tourists regardless of the circumstances.


That’s a little review and description of the Karimunjawa 2019 Karimunjawa Tour Package. We hope, give your choice to the Plaosan Tourism Tour, because we will provide extra comfort and conditioned facilities and services for you. Regardless of the number of participants and what your budget is, Plaosan Wisata Tour and Travel will provide unusual facilities and luxury on a tour to Karimunjawa Island. Don’t hesitate to contact us, because we are a cheap travel solution for a luxury vacation to Karimunjawa Island.

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