How To Make A Backlink With The Anchor Text Techniques?


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How To Make A Backlink With The Anchor Text Technique? What is a good way to make backlinks on websites and easily? The way is just by making comments on other people’s websites or blogs. Then how can a backlink be embedded in other people’s comments? whereas we do not know whether the website or blog is in a state of nofollow or dofollow?

This method might make you dizzy, on the other hand you also have to determine whether the web or blog has a domain authority score and a good page authority score or not. Sometimes backlinks building is like looking for a needle behind a mess that is messy and random, because it is very difficult. Although there are many ways with the black hat method, but it would be better if we learn by ourselves using the white hat method.

The following is the first step that we will do to create a backlink:

  • Analysis of Domain Score and Trust Score on the Website

How do you have to install QUAKE SEO on the Adds On or Extension in the browser you are using. Then later on the results of the search engine will display the numbers of features that are owned by the website. For this example we will learn comment walking on the web or blog by creating an anchor text.

Here I am using the comment system on disqus so that it is easier to create anchor text. You can also comment with the default comments column on other blogs. Provided that you do not use anchor text with the comments section of the Facebook system. Essentially find domain score and trust score is above the number 20, because for me it is good, do not always have over 50. Here are the results of domain scores for the comment later:

How To Make A Backlink With The Anchor Text Technique 1

  • Search the web comment system with Disqus comment system

Useful for what ? I will explain how the technique must be developed through comment anchor text techniques. I have to analyze it first, both the nofollow website and the dofollow website. If the website is dofollow, it means you don’t have to wait for moderation, so the backlinks are embedded, if the website is nofollow then you have to be patient waiting for approve it the website owner to. The following is a website display from the image above that uses the comment system in question.

How To Make A Backlink With The Anchor Text Technique 2

  • Create comment content with Anchor Text Technique

The first thing you make is to prepare comments with the anchor text technique. For now I still use anchor text techniques that are not dofollow and not nofollow too, so it’s still just the basics. The first thing you should know is to know the title of the article from the website that you are going to comment on, then understand the contents, so you can easily create comment tricks that invite website owners to give permission or approve or even visit your blog/website. This will attract visitors from the referring website that you commented on.

Here are the words that I have prepared to comment on the website, while using the anchor text technique that I have created in such a way. Here are the results:

<a href=’’ tittle=’Alfand Digital Marketing Indonesia’> I prefer the Disqus system, because it looks better, and it’s easier to make simple links </a>

  • Comments With Anchor Text Technique

The Comment with the anchor text, then paste it in the comment column on the website that you will comment on. And remember, if you would comment on other websites, words must be replaced, though not suspected of being a robot, the maximum daily 10 comments by type anchor text like this,not should be again later suspected of being a robot by google.

Next is the result comment using the anchor text technique. Remember yes, anchor text above and paste it incolumn, the comment  then post or enter, then the result will be like this:

How To Make A Backlink With The Anchor Text Technique 3

  • Comments Results With Mechanical Anchor Text

Once you make a comment, then look at whether in the comments no writing moderation or not? If there is no moderation to eat, we can be sure the website is dofollowed, but if there are words, moderating we follow can be sure the website is non. The results of the comment anchor text technique can lead people or website owners to click and enter on our website, because in this comments my website link inserted, the purpose of which if someone clicks on a meal will go directly to my website, so that traffic increases.

The following are the results of backlinks with the technique anchor texton the comment disqus, below it looks like there are no posts moderation above my comment, which means the website is dofollow.

How To Make A Backlink With The Anchor Text Technique 4

So are the ways or techniques to get backlinks by means of comment walking and the technique anchor textwhich is very easy and simple of course. See you at the next tutor.

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