Choices Of Destinations In Malang 2020 Cheap Tour Packages


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Tourist attractions visited from Malang Batu 2019 Cheap Travel Packages above can be adjusted to your interests. Some choices of tourist attractions that can be visited, for example, are Taman Jatim Tourism, Waterfall Tourism, Agro Tourism such as Apple Picker, Orange Picking, Strawberry Picking, Flower Picking, and Vegetable Picking.


Then rafting or outbound tours in Malang Batu, Mountain Bike tours and Moto Trail Adventure or Malang jeep adventures, Sempu Island tours, and South Malang Beach are quite popular such as Bale Kambang, Banyu Anjlok, Three Colors, Sendang Biru and so on. For religious tourism, you can go to AJaib Turen Mosque, Gunung Kawi, Indragiri Batu Temple and so on. It also includes if you want to make a visit to the Tourism Village in Malang, Animal Husbandry Tourism, Industrial Tourism and so on.


Because many attractions and attractions in the city of Malang are very good so it needs to be visited longer. Such as Jatim Park 3, Dinosaur Museum, Animal Museum, Museum Angkut, Jatim Park 1, Jatim Park 2, Eco Green Park, Bagong Adventure, Predator Amusement Park, South Malang Beach, and Malang Tourism Village. Then Trekking, Trekking, Mountain Bike Tours in Malang, Motorcycle Trail Tours and Jeep Tours in Malang, Hawaii Water Park, Malang Night Paradise.


Then Batu Wonderland, Onsen Resort, Tempo Malang Museum, Lawang Tea Plantation, Selorejo Ngantang, Pujon Pine Forest Tour, Pujon Kidul Rice Cafe, Paralayang Batu Malang, and Omah Kayu Malang. Batu Coban Rais Flower Park, Jodipan Colored Village, Singosari Temple, Honey Picking, Dinoyo Ceramics, and many other tourist attractions in Malang that are suitable for hanging out and Malang’s famous culinary tours.


Other adventure tourism objects that are close to Malang Raya Tourism are Mount Kelud, Bromo tour packages or Mount Bromo travel tours, Mount Semeru, Ranu Kumbolo Tourism and so on. But the most interesting is the combination of the Batu Malang Tourism Package and the Bromo Tourism Package because it has become the most attractive for East Java visitors. For more details about all of your Malang Cheap Tour Package programs after opening this post, please chat with our customer service.


What Attractions Are You Visiting?

Malang is the largest tourist city in Indonesia, so the attractions in Malang and Batu City are very complete ranging from marine tourism/beach tourism, education/education tours, mountain nature tourism, modern tourism, cultural history tourism and so on. You are free to choose the destination you want, or you can if we recommend the best tour schedule for you.


At Which Meeting Point Or Pickup?

We can pick you up from any location you want. In general, we pick up from airports, hotels, train stations in Malang or Surabaya. However, this can be adjusted flexibly to the wishes of the participants.


What Facilities Do You Get?

The travel facilities to Malang that you get are very complete, you don’t need anything to take a vacation with us. You only need to enjoy tourism activities according to the program you choose with us. Such as hotels, transportation, entrance tickets, tours, meals, tour leaders, and experienced drivers.


Can You Adjust The Type Of Lodging?

Tenti can, we can arrange lodging ranging from homestays, villas, inns, budget hotels, 1,2,3,4 star hotels to 5-star hotels.


What If Lodging Is Not Included?

No problem, if you only want a land tour from us because your hotel or lodging can be booked by us without going through us.


Can You Do A Special Tour?

Of course you can, we can adjust your travel plans according to the tourist attraction you want with maximum time, efficient and effective to give you the impression of a perfect vacation.


How Do You Book A Tour To Malang Batu?

Please contact us by phone or WhatsApp to discuss with our admin.

Malang Cheap Batu Malang Travel Booking Package 2019

For complete information about everything related to Malang Cheap Tour Packages, please don’t hesitate to contact us via the service number below. Please discuss your planning tour with us as best you can to get the maximum tour within your budget and a more enjoyable trip with

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